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“Ours to Tell” – 2023 Black History Month Theme (Canada)

February 1, 2023

For each annual Black History Month, there is a theme chosen focused a specific aspect of Black history. The themes are intended to help increase awareness, education and understanding of Black history and to inspire people to learn more about the contributions of Black Canadians. Some examples of past themes include:

“February and Forever” (2022)

“The Future is Now: Claiming Our Space” (2021)

“Black Canadian Women: A History of Resilience, Strength and Action” (2020)

“The Black Canadian Experience: A Legacy of Strength, Diversity and Resilience” (2019) “Black Communities: Past, Present and Future” (2018)

“The Contributions of Black Canadians to the War Effort” (2017)

In Canada, we mark the 28th official Black History Month and this year’s theme is “Ours to Tell”, commemorating the life and legacy of the Honourable Lincoln Alexander, whom we have highlighted in this month’s newsletter in recognition of his significant contributions towards racial equity and social justice. Honourable Lincoln Alexander inspired many Canadians to strive for these same ideals and is notably quoted “It is not your duty to be average. It is your duty to set a higher example for others to follow.”