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What Happens When You Call?

We protect children 24 hours a day.

Anyone can report a child or youth in need of protection to Family and Children’s Services of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1-855-667-2726.

Once a report is made, a child protection worker will investigate to determine what action, if any, is needed. It is our responsibility to perform an assessment based on the information you provide.

We follow clear procedures to investigate each report.

Depending on the information received, family members, community professionals and others may be interviewed to ensure we have the necessary information to determine what needs to happen next.

If the report suggests a criminal offence has been committed against a child, we will inform the police, and joint or separate investigations may be carried out. In such cases:

  • The prime responsibility of FCSLLG is to determine if a child or youth requires protection and what the plan for protection will be.
  • The prime responsibility of the police is to determine if a criminal offence has occurred and to lay charges under the Criminal Code.

We are legally required to create and maintain client records, which are completed according to government guidelines and best practices.