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Volunteers play an important role in the community.

Volunteers are a vital part of our organization, helping us provide services to children, youth and families every year—and contributing to a sense of community partnership and collaboration.

In 2020-2021:

6,344 hours of service

17 volunteer drivers who drove more than 115,676KM

Our need for volunteers depends on the needs of the community.

Key roles for which we often need volunteers include:


provide valuable support for FCSLLG events and campaigns such as the holiday Angel Tree program or the annual snowsuit campaign


perform the invaluable service of helping staff and foster families meet children’s transportation needs. Compensation is provided on a per-kilometre basis.

Current volunteer opportunities

We are currently recruiting volunteer drivers, please email for more information.

How can I become a volunteer?

If you are interested in future volunteering opportunities, please email your resume and expression of interest to

Interested in a student placement?

If you are interested in completing your student placement at FCSLLG please email your resume and expression of interest to