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Kinship Awareness Week Sep 19 to Sep 25

September 19, 2022

Kinship placements support children and youth to maintain connections to their family, heritage, and community.  In turn, this helps them maintain their identity, family traditions, and sense of belonging and can lessen the trauma of separation and loss that they experience from being separated from their parents. Kinship arrangements are varied and range from grandparents, aunts/uncles, older siblings, neighbours or friends of the child; a kin can really be anyone who has a relationship or connection to the child. Most of these families have little understanding of the child welfare system but they open their homes and hearts to provide the family- based care that these children deserve. They also partner with us, as an agency, to support and plan for these children and youth until permanency plans are established.

FCSLLG values it’s Kin Connections –  we could not do our work without them!