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Kinship Awareness Month

September 1, 2023

As child protection workers, we know that the trajectory for children & youth is so much more positive when they can be cared for by family versus being in foster care. Kinship is a much more “normal” system for them. Familiar homes, traditions, names, connections, all mean a lot to children going through an incredibly hard time in their lives. Kinship families are contacted sometimes out of the blue or with little notice but are often open to welcoming their family members or friends, despite the challenges that come along with these trying situations.

We at FCSLLG want our kinship families to know that we don’t have enough “thank you’s” to truly acknowledge the wonderful work you do. We know there is not enough support sometimes or enough funding to help make caregiving a little easier and yet you give so much of yourselves for the people you love. Trust us when we say that you ARE making an incredible difference for the children and youth you care for. The familiarity, care and commitment means the world to these little people who don’t always have the words to express it but we do. THANK YOU!!!!