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  • • Therefore, all our offices are closed, with only essential staff onsite.
  • • Access visits continue to be scheduled.
  • • To comply with the Health Unit requirements, anyone entering the office will be screened, asked to sanitize their hands and provided with a mask.
  • • Masks are mandatory in our offices
  • • In addition, for tracking purposes, we will ask you for your contact information so that in the event of a positive case of Covid-19 we can notify you.

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Safe Kids > Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services

Children are protected under the law.

The Child, Youth and Family Services Act (2017) requires Family and Children’s Services of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville to:

  • Investigate all reports or evidence of the possible abuse or neglect of children
  • Ensure the safety of children who are in need of protection
  • Provide care for children who are unable to remain in their own homes due to child-protection concerns
  • Supervise the children under our care
  • Provide adoption services
  • Provide services to families for protecting children or for the prevention of circumstances requiring the protection of children

Everyone has a duty to report child abuse.

If you think a child is being abused or neglected, the law requires you to report the situation to Family and Children’s Services. Your identity will be kept confidential, except as required by law. You don’t have to prove abuse or neglect has happened: we’ll take the necessary steps to find out if it has or not.

Learn more about the duty to report here.

What to do if you have a complaint about FCSLLG.

If you are a client of Family and Children’s Services of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville and have a concern, reservation or disagreement about the service you receive, please do the following:

Step 1. Speak with your worker about your concerns, to try to resolve them.

Step 2. If your concerns are not addressed by Step 1, ask to speak with your worker’s manager.

Step 3. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive at Step 2, ask to speak with the Director of Service. This is the final step in this process. You can expect a meeting within two weeks of your request and a response from the Agency within one week of your meeting.

At any time you may submit a complaint through the Child and Family Services Review Board. Your worker will provide you with information on this process. Details are also available at www.cfsrb.ca.