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Pride Month is a celebration of the impact the LGBTQ+ community has had on the world, as well as the struggles it has faced and continues to face. It is marked by an array of events to celebrate and educate. Across the globe various events are held during this special month as a way of recognizing the influence LGBTQ+ people have had around the world and in our own community.  FCSLLG joins in celebrating the recognition of this month to honor the staff, families, youth and children we support and work with.

Pride Flag

What is PRIDE month?

This is a time when thousands of people from around the world paint the town in rainbow colours.  The month is meant to celebrate the LGBTQ2+ community, which includes individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirit as well as a range of other gender and sexual identities.

Pride month is held annually in honour of the Stonewall riots, which took place in New York City in June 1969. https://globalnews.ca/news/5347937/pride-month-2019-stonewall-pride-flag/

What does that mean for child welfare and FCSLLG?

We know that homophobia, transphobia and biphobia exists in our community and the work in child welfare is no different. Across the province we have an overrepresentation of LGBTQ+ in our system. People who identify as LGBTQ+ are at higher risk of experiencing violence, being rejected from their family and isolation. Understanding historic and present day oppression will support the changes and consciousness to the work we do. Staff, families, youth and children may and do identify within these varied cultures so therefore we must reflect on our own knowledge and bias or experiences to be equitable, compassionate and to grow ourselves as well.


  1. This Month (JUNE) there will be at least 3 emails sent during business hours with a trivia questions. The first to answer back to all staff with the info asked will get a $15 gift card! (TBD depending on what the person wants!)
  2. This month , create a piece of art/message to share with us that includes the diverse colours of PRIDE (rainbow colours) and at the end of the month – a prize!
  3. On Monday June 22 will be rainbow day – any technological meeting held: show off some spirit. Wear the colours of the rainbow somehow to show our own PRIDE here at LLG.

Here are some links to two of the biggest PRIDE celebrations close to home: (LLG has celebrations too –so check your local town for their way to celebrate during COVID)

The Toronto one is their Virtual PRIDE celebration this month with different virtual events.


Ottawa traditionally has their celebrations in August and are in the planning stages at this point. This is their site, so keep connected as they will post more once they have their events planned.